Our Services

Our work mainly consists of:
 - Invention searches
 - Filing of domestic and overseas patent applications
 - Intermediate processing, such as replying to reasons for rejection
 - Trial-related processing, such as trials against decisions of final rejection
 - Business support, such as appraisals, provision of information, invalidation trials, oppositions and litigation proceedings
 - Research
 - Intellectual property-related consultation, etc.

We prepare effective claims and specifications/descriptions to help you file patent applications and utilize rights in accordance with your intellectual property strategy by having proactive meetings with your researchers and intellectual property department staff from the invention search stage.
Our intermediate and trial-related processing services offer proactive proposals to guide clients towards early acquisition of rights to important technologies through specific measures, interviews, etc.
In the area of business support, our experienced patent attorneys will provide support for protecting your business and to help you exercise your rights. For litigation proceedings, we work in close coordination with experienced lawyers.
For research support, our patent attorneys, well versed in technology, will prepare research plans that meet your various needs, such as pre-application and clearance searches, following hearings.
In the area of overseas rights acquisition and utilization, we will support your overseas patent application strategy through our partnerships with agents in many different countries across Asia, Europe and North America.